Discover The PRO Adviser System That Will Develop Your Skills To Take Home 6-Figures Without The Stress

A CPD Accredited course that has been described as a "game changer" for mortgage advisers!

"I went into the course wondering what more I could do to Improve my processes and came away with loads of new things to implement. Gary’s tried and tested methods are proven to work and I think they’ll make a huge difference to my stress levels and business levels."
Ally Lowrey Mortgage Adviser

Introducing the PRO Adviser Course

In the 10 hours of value packed CPD Accredited course content you'll discover:

  • A proven and effective process refined over 20 years and that is integral to Active being named as winner of 'Best Small Broker'
  • The fastest way to consistently bank 6-figures while working a healthy 9-5 
  • How to make your clients feel like they're 'safe', 'secure', and in the hands of someone at the top of their game
  • The key to building your confidence as an adviser and feeling in control of your entire process
  • Proven scripts that will add thousands to your income with very little effort 
  • How to eliminate stress and enjoy your life as an adviser and maximises every lead and sales
  • The tools and software you can use to immediately shave hours off your day... giving you more time to write more business and be with the ones you love.

The PRO Adviser System

1 - SET UP

  • Implement the correct tools and software
  • Calculate your capacity and plan your time
  • Define the pre & post application process


  • Set expectations with your client
  • Seed the conversation for future protection sales
  • Present your fee to your client


  • Assess the client documents
  • Identify any potential problems
  • Research the market and source suitable lenders


  • Build a complete picture of the client
  • Present & sell your solutions to the client
  • Overcome the client's objections


  • Submit the application
  • Update the client and proceed to offer
  • Obtain a great testimonial


  • Complete the deal and seed the start of your ongoing relationship
  • WOW the client with your post completion service
  • Retain the client and maintain the relationship

What You Will Get

You get access to our online training portal, which can be accessed via desktop or mobile app. Within the course, you'll be able to watch and re-watch each of the 6 modules related to the 6-Step PRO Adviser process.

A major benefit of this course is that it was recorded live with a room full of expert advisers. This is not just an online webinar delivery, you will hear the LIVE and valuable conversations from other experts just like you. From start up newly self-employed to a team of advisers part of a firm with £1m+ turnover, there is always something to learn.


◦ Welcome video - 5 mins 
→ Provides a helpful overview for the course

◦ What is your purpose? 29 mins 
→ This lesson helps you set a clear and defined path to help you achieve your goals and maximise the course content

Module 1 - Set Up

◦ Plan Your day For Success - 49 mins
​→This lesson delves into the tools and software you can use to improve your efficiency
→Details how to plan and structure your day so you make every minute count

◦ Outline of the entire process both Pre and Post Application - 27 mins
​→You'll discover how to maximise your time and plan for success
→Learn how to set up your pre and post application process

Module 2 - Strategy

◦ You will understand how to maximise every lead and opportunity - 1 hr 8 mins
​→ Discover how I structure my strategy call to set expectations with my client, present my fee, seed the sale of protection in future conversations

Module 3 - Scrutiny

◦ You'll learn to reduce the time wasted chasing and assessing a client documents - 42 mins
→ Understand the most efficient research process to identify problems and improve your chances of success

Module 4 - Solution

◦ You'll understand how to use the factfind as a tool for selling, not just a data capture - 52 mins
→ I delve into the fact find process that allows me to build a complete picture of the client to improve your chances of success and help me to maximise client sale value

◦ You will have the answers to the top 20 most common protection objections - 1 hr 13 mins
→ I show you how I present the solution to the client and overcome all objections they have, so they buy your protection prior to the mortgage application

Module 5 - Submit

◦ Understand administration efficiencies after the applications have been submitted ​- 42 mins
→ This section covers the process from AIP stage to completion and how to get excellent testimonials and referrals

Module 6 - Start

◦ Your sale doesn't stop after the first transaction, you want to keep them for a lifetime - 43mins
​→ You'll get to grips with how we build a continued relationship with our clients and retain them for the long-term

- Key lessons and content included

→ Rapport building and ​Pitching
→ Protection & GI sales
→ Trusts
→ Objection handling

When you action the tools, tips and tactics in this course, you will be a confident PRO adviser!

Ready to gain more profit and time?

You'll also get bonus content:

        BONUS 1


  • Discover why you need to build your personal brand
  • We show you platforms you can use to generate traffic from social media
  • Learn about other effective marketing options at your disposal

        BONUS 2

How To Be A Top 1% Broker

  • Exclusive session with mindset expert Suzanne Davison on how to identify and eradicate stress
  • Discover the type of people you need on your team and that will support you to achieve your goals
  • Learn the skills and qualities you need to be a top 1% broker

        BONUS 3

Active's Process Checklist

  • Never miss a step in your process with the Active checklist
  • The same checklist the Active team use to work fast without missing anything
  • Use the exact steps or adapt it to suit you

What People Say About The PRO Adviser Course

WOW your client with world class service

Why Do I Need The PRO Adviser Course?

Too often I'm asked: "Gary, how do I get more leads?"

When the question they should ask first is: "Gary, how do I maximise the leads I already have?"

You are leaving bundles of cash on the table because you're not getting the most from your existing clients. 
When you have a good process in place, everything about your business becomes much easier.

You increase your sales because you're able to sell the process at the start of the client relationship and set expectations of what's to come, then guide them through it...

...rather than upper cutting them with an unwelcome product sale midway through the relationship.

That's why so many fail to sell protection. They're too busy pitching the product instead of the process.

You also become quicker. And when you can process each case faster, you're left with more time to work with other clients.

But you need to take action NOW


As we all know, the mortgage market is insane at the moment.

Enquiries are through the roof, but lenders want so much more info and they're being stricter than ever.

It's the most challenging time we've seen since the last recession.

Mortgages are taking weeks or even months longer to progress, and lenders are taking forever to even look at an application.

You can't control what the lenders do, but you can control how fit your business is to deal with it.

Unless your process is well-defined and robust, you're going to find the coming months incredible difficult.

"But Gary, my process is good enough"

I'm sure some of you will be thinking you don't need this and your process is fine. I get that.

We had 25 advisers and business owners at the live training and every single one found value in the content. They came away with improvements that could be made to their conversations, their process and their business.

The course doesn't have to change your life. For some of you it will, but everyone who takes action will improve. Even just one tweak to the words you use or your sales process could results in £1,000s of pounds in extra sales.

So here's what you need to do

There is 10 hours of content within the course. If you do an hour per day, you'll be ready to implement the entire process in just 10 days, you will be fully prepared to massively increase your income and time spent with your family.

You will more confident in recruitment and understanding what tasks you PA/Admin or advisers should do.

A solid process makes everything in your brokerage easier..

Please don't look back in 3 months and think "damn, I wish I'd listened" as you endure another 14 hour day.

Ultimately, if you want less stress, and more money - this small investment is the best you could make in your business.

Who is The PRO Adviser Course for?

This course is for ALL Mortgage Advisers

I challenge any mortgage adviser to take this course and tell me they don't receive more value than the cost of the course.

So no matter if you're:
  • Employed and looking to become self employed
  • At the start of your self-employed journey
  • Been in the industry for a few years
  • A veteran who has been there, seen it, and done it
  • The owner of a large brokerage
  • You have a small team
  • Or you're a one person band
This is for you. We had every type of adviser at the live event, each one saying they received value.

You will discover lots of actionable content that will give you more time and more profit.

Implement an 'award-winning' process

Implementing just ONE of the scripts within the course could easily net you £5,600 commission (like Rob below) ...'re probably expecting the PRO Adviser Course to be really expensive.

The script alone represents a tiny fraction of the value within the course...
It's logical to assume that it'll break the bank and set you back £3,000, £4,000, or even £10,000?

And to be honest, if you implement what you learn, it would easily be worth that. 

But relax... it's nowhere near that price.

To celebrate the courses CPD accreditation I'm giving it to you today for just..


You will EASILY 10x your return on this course!

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